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The New Masters

19 February 2018 . 2 min read

For the fourth time, DIFT will participate in Biennale Interieur. We've organized projects like EYES / NIGHTS only (a hotel that doubled as an exhibition), Club Design (the name says it all) and Interieur Products, the first click & mortar Biennale shop. 

This year we'll return to the international event in Kortrijk with The New Masters. 

Biennale Interieur celebrates its 50th birthday. 50 years of Biennale, that's 50 years of iconic design (based on the branding once made by Boudewijn Delaere). But it's also 50 years of graphic design for Interieur and for design in general. 

The New Masters is a reinterpretation of this history. We select a colour, shape, pattern, design, brand, trend, ... as an inspiration and base for a new design or work by a contemporary graphic designer. 

The centre of this project is the archive, brought together by DIFT with special thanks to Design museum Gent and Biennale Interieur, featuring catalogues, magazines, posters and newspapers spreading over the previous 50 years. 

The output of what the designers will make currently is unknown. Some of them will create posters, other will choose the location as carrier for their work, but we will also show products or merchandising. 

The New Masters will move the archive, in the shape of a small library to Biennale Interieur 2018. Of course the newly created works will also be shown at the venue: the Sint-Maartenskliniek in Kortrijk.  

These designers & studio's work on The New Masters: 

Joris Kristis, Adriaan Tas & Luca Beel, Nathalie Vandermassen, Inge Rylant, Specht Studio ism Levi Lanser, Toykyo, PStudio Mattan, Eliah Weekers, Annelies Vanoost, Re-Do, Lauren Grusenmeyer, Luca, Corbin Mahieu, Matthias Michiels, Diederik Serlet, Vruchtvlees, Wonderwalls en DIFT natuurlijk (Fien Meelberghs i.s.m. Veerle Verschooren en Broos Stoffels)

Special thanks to Stockmans, Arctic Paper, Fuji, Design museum Gent and Biennale Interieur. 

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