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Dose of Detroit

30 January 2019 . 5 min read
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This fall, we finally traveled to Detroit. Because Trui Moerkerke, whom we’ve known for years, moved to the area a couple of years back was so lyric about the place. Truth be told, if the city was located in Europe, Trump might have called it a hellhole, but it’s more of the opposite: Detroit is one of the most exciting cities we’ve ever visited, and what’s more: it’s a city on the rise.

No wonder Trui enjoys her city that much and no wonder she’s so good at telling you all about it. She guided us through her city and we fell in love with it as well as with Trui’s guiding capabilities. Et voilà, magic happened: this threesome had to result in a branding.

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By now, you constantly see Detroit popping up in press: be it about its architecture of the link the city has with Belgium. If you decide to go there (and you should), choose a guide that can lead you through this enormous town and enjoy your Dose of Detroit.

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