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24 February 2021 . 4 min read

Every now and then, our work reaches further than our little Belgian homeland. We then receive a call from an international organisation that has come across our work and asks if they may shine their spotlight on it. With a modest tone, but a proud look on our face, we say "Sure thing!"

This time, it concerns a project from last year. All Ghent citizens who like to have their nose in a book will undoubtedly know what we are talking about. For those who do not belong to that group: our signage for De Krook.

De Krook Dift Signalisatie Gent Bibliotheek Niveau Index Ingang Bestickering 2
De Krook Dift Signalisatie Gent Bibliotheek Welkom Raam Bestickering 2

In terms of form, we took inspiration from the building's typical clean architectural lines. With the building as a canvas, we let our creativity loose on the wayfinding, both inside and outside. In this way, we immediately give all citizens of Ghent a warm welcome when they take their first steps in the building. And Sandu Publications was quite happy with that too!

De Krook Iconism

The set of icons we created for the Ghent library found its way to the international publication 'Iconism'. This book by Sandu Publications is the reference for inspirational pictograms and symbols. The designs are divided into three topics: visual identity, wayfinding (that's us!) and interactive design. With this volume, they want to highlight the ingenious and impactful styles of designers from all over the world and emphasize the importance of effective communication in our daily lives.

De Krook Iconism 4
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