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5 November 2020 . 3 min read

Take us to the backroom was scheduled to launch during the Biennale INTERIEUR Kortrijk 2020. The project centralises inclusivity in design by letting the designers present their creative interpretation of one of these five themes: ethnicity, gender, queerness, religion and body (physically challenged and body types). 

One of the people we were going to work with is a Dutch designer who creates darkrooms. 

We can hear you think: “Darkrooms, yeah right Yves & Bert.” But look at how extravagantly people announce the new design of new business class lounges or luxurious stores. Why wouldn’t darkrooms be entitled to that same attention? The interior needs to be hygienic and impenetrable - as in strong - and people go there to have fun, so it needs to look good, right?

Take us to the backroom would have gotten an unique spot at the Biennale; a real backroom. That’s our way of highlighting reality: design is often made for a very mediocre audience and minorities are rarely included. Our goal was to make every visitor think about its vision about inclusivity. 

Header Cavaria

This project is a form of creative activism. You can already achieve that by small adjustments in your everyday life, for example inclusive language. Instead of ‘policeman’ or ‘police woman’ say ‘police officer’. Or you can start by going to the backroom via our Instagram filter in your stories.

So we received the Inclusieve Initiative by KliQ Works just by thinking about this stuff. Make sure you read the interview about the steps we can still take. For example at this moment we are an all-white agency. Let’s think about this together in the future.

About KliQ works

KliQ is the educational and guidance centre of çavaria that strives to improve the wellbeing and equality of gay, transgender and intersex people. KliQ wants a solidary and inclusive society with an open mind towards sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and gender traits. 

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