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1+1 is so much more

22 June 2021 . 2 min read
Wip Dift Billie Bonkers

The cat is cast and the die is out of the bag. Billie Bonkers' strategic wonders will be the new owners of DIFT. Some things are better done by two. And that means an exciting adventure for the ten DIFT-ers to whom Bert and Yves leave the reins. 

Dreams are only dreams if you never realise them. For our founders and star chefs - also outside the kitchen - it is time to take a new leap into the dark. Or should we say sunlight. This autumn, they are leaving the Belgian countryside behind and taking all their belongings (including Frits!) with them to the sunny island of Lanzarote. The time has come for a new challenge in Spanish hospitality, or 'hostelería española' as they so beautifully put it there. But they won't disappear completely; they will still be around to give us advice.

Reeks Tennis Dift Billie Bonkers 2

Meanwhile, DIFT just stays DIFT: strong in branding of all kinds, and averse to blah blah. Our sub-brands Archie Goegebuur and DIFT Media will also retain their distinctive character. One thing that does change is the number of meaningful colleagues. 23 pieces of pure strategy and creativity from the Bonkers family, that's what we get. A serious upgrade, in other words. 

Regarding our office, we have opted for cross-pollination under one roof in the mansion of Billie Bonkers at Gordunakaai. In Antwerp, our office continues to serve as the city's headquarters. 

Tandem Dift Billie Bonkers
Reeks Zonnecreme Dift Billie Bonkers

Together with Billie Bonkers, an exciting but promising future awaits us. And to our two iconic founders, Bert and Yves, may all prosper there!

Photography: ©Damon De Backer

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