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The Shapes Must Go On: Leietheater goes international

19 May 2020 . 5 min read

The branding that DIFT designed for the new Leietheater in Deinze last year, got attention from the other side of the ocean. Graphic design firm UnderConsideration, based in Indiana, US, publishes since 2006 their successful blog Brand New, that according to their website generates more than one million page views each month. Almost every day, they take a closer look at new designs that they review and comment on without mincing words. Last month, the honour fell upon Leietheater, and we couldn’t be more proud on our work after reading their review:

Stapel Voorkant Web

“The shapes come alive in the season brochure that comes with a sheet of stickers that allows patrons to customize their own covers. It’s charming and it sends a subtle, romantic and philosophical message that this new center is for them.”

The duo who run the company with just the two of them, called the simplicity in branding "endlessly charming" and the shapes “simply fun”. Thanks, guys!

Leietheater Benches

Read the full review here and let them know what you think of our branding by filling out their poll at the end of the page.

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