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23 June 2020 . 1 min read

Over a hundred years of history in a lively lobby. That’s what Vooruit arts centre asked us to create. Time for a (short) walk through our interpretation of this question. 

Vooruit’s history has so many layers, you cannot tell it in one single picture. The Timewalker that has been installed in the lobby of Vooruit wants to give you the opportunity to see a diversity of this history. Striding along time and three themes, you get to choose what you want to see or read more about: the monument the building of Vooruit is, the engagement of the organization or the artists that worked, created and have shown their work here. 

The Timewalker is a technical masterpiece. We were the ones to create the concept and the (UX) design, but without our partner Ocular, you would not have been walking through all these stories right now. Special thanks to Paule Verbruggen (Amsab) and Kristin Verboven too: they relentlessly searched the archives. Because that it is what makes this installation so special: once you have started discovering things, it is an endless stream of memories and stories. The material is lively too: thanks to the pocket archive, you’ll discover what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday at Vooruit. 

Take a ride through the history of Vooruit and what this arts centre stands for. We will see you there!

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