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“Never waste a good crisis”, Winston Churchill once said. “Let’s launch a new brand in 2020”, we said. DIFT now produces new media. No classic television or radio, but video and sound with a twist. 

Are you looking to reinforce your brand in an innovative way? Then you were already in the right place, but now we have even more ways to realise that. As of now we are producing podcasts, video, audio walks, augmented reality, live events or all of the above mixed together.

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Podcast Louise Carton: Gérard & ik

Louise Carton is one of the greatest talents in Belgian athletics. A three-time Belgian champion cross country running, a one-time European champion, the Olympics in Rio and in 2016 she won Most Promising Athlete Of The Year. For the outside world Louise is a success story, but behind the scenes she has been losing control for years. She suffers from an eating disorder. And she’s definitely not the only athlete. Mental health is an undervalued aspect of performance and we need to stop bullshitting about how crucial it is. Click here for the full story.

DIFT Media decided to break the taboo of eating disorders in sports with a four-episode podcast series Gérard & ik. De Morgen is our media partner for this project. 

You can listen to a new episode every Tuesday exclusively via De Morgen or via their app.

Leap Year Of Sustainability - IKEA

20-21 is IKEA’s Leap Year Of Sustainability. CEO Jesper Brodin - the big boss of IKEA worldwide - gave every country the assignment to present to him what exactly they will do to make this world a better place. IKEA Belgium wanted to be top of the class so they came knocking on our door.

DIFT Media created an audio first story. We made a minipodcast with a voice-over, interviews with high level executives and quotes of IKEA co-workers. To make the presentation easy on the eyes we added slowmotion images.

 Not a classical video, but audio with a visual aid. And Sweden loved it. This was the feedback:

“It all went very smoothly and everyone was so enthusiastic! The difference between Belgium and the other countries was huge, and I’m talking about the originality of the format. I mean this in the most positive way. Congratulations guys and thank you for your hard work.”

It’s not easy to make us blush, but they did it. Listen to the international presentation below.

City of Antwerp

Do you remember? The streets were left in debris. Baked air filled the stomachs. How many days have we waited? Do you remember? Freedom is never self-evident. To celebrate the 76th birthday of the liberation of Antwerp, the city asked DIFT Media to create a mini documentary about liberation and freedom.


Revive is a real estate developer that creates sustainable and affordable living areas. A home in the city, with the smallest ecological footprint. They wanted to share their vision in an original way, so DIFT Media turned their manifest into an audio first story. Founder Nicolas and CEO Alexandre tell you about Revive and to make it all come to life, we added background sounds. That way the audio is a promotion tool on its own.

Dilemma 44 - 45

On the 4th of September 1944 the Allied Forces liberated the city of Antwerp during the Second World War. The people chanted and danced through the streets after four years of dictatorship by the Germans. But the war was far from over. Hitler continued to drop bombs on the harbour of Antwerp, friends and family were still held captive in concentration camps abroad, there was almost no food and the city was in debris. Vredescentrum asked DIFT Media to create an interactive class for young people in high school.


We chose to use - yes of course - audio. We made an interactive website full of sound bits, testimonials, photos and videos. We casted MNM host Dorianne Aussems to talk you through the class, like a podcast. She’s the daily host of Generation M, a radio show about everything you hear on the playground at school. 

She’s also born and raised in Antwerp, so that’s a plus. She is the ideal voice to guide youngsters through this dusty bit of history. Dorianne tells them about what happened and then pauses to ask them a dilemma, one that could still be relevant today. For example: Would you steal food to survive? The pupils get a few minutes to debate and then continue.

Iconobelge - AntwerpPhoto

AntwerpPhoto is an international photo biennial in Handelsbeurs Antwerp. This Summer it showcases the finest Belgian fashion photography. DIFT Media has created a podcast that guides through the exposition using the expertise of four people who know what they are talking about. Top stylist Ellen Monstrey, top model Kim Peers, top photographer Lieve Blancquaert and young designer Jasmien Van Loo will let you look more closely at their favourite pieces.

Listen here.

Antwerp Photo Foto 2

Open Tijdens Lockdown - deBuren

The corona crisis took the world by surprise. The border between The Netherlands and Belgium closed again, neighbors and families were separated and entrepreneurs were forced to rethink their whole business. What creative initiatives did those business owners come up with to overcome this situation? DIFT Media - together with deBuren - went out  to find the most hopeful and creative solutions to the border closure in the field of retail, hospitality, culture and tech.

Listen here.

Koen Naert - European Champion Marathon

Koen Naert won the title of European champion marathon in Berlin in 2018. He was one of the many athletes that was running towards Tokio 2020. But the whole world got smacked in the face and what should have been a highlight for so many athletes, turned out to be a black hole. How does someone cope with that? DIFT Media, on behalf of sportsDC, talks to Koen about his life during the corona crisis in the podcast Verdiende Strepen (Earned Stripes).

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, SoundCloud or koennaert.be.

Timewalker - Vooruit

Combine over one hundred years of history with a vibrant meeting space. That was the objective we got from Vooruit. Go crazy they said. Projects like this give us life. Under the name of ‘Discover Vooruit’ we present to you: Timewalker. Move this time machine through the history of Vooruit and watch the highlights from the previous century come to live.


The product that changes the world - OVAM

There are a lot of products that change the world. In this podcast we dive into the world of innovation and specifically in the field of sustainability.

This is a podcast for OVAM, a Flemish public service that wants to create better waste management, more sustainable products and cleaner soil. This series is part of the OVAM Ecodesign Awards for students.

Listen here.

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