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“Never waste a good crisis”, Winston Churchill once said. “Let’s launch a new brand in 2020”, we said. DIFT now produces new media. No classic television or radio, but video and sound with a twist. 

Are you looking to reinforce your brand in an innovative way? Then you were already in the right place, but now we have even more ways to realise that. As of now we are producing podcasts, video, audio walks, augmented reality, live events or all of the above mixed together.

Koen Naert

Koen Naert won the title of European champion marathon in Berlin in 2018. He was one of the many athletes that was running towards Tokio 2020. But the whole world got smacked in the face and what should have been a highlight for so many athletes, turned out to be a black hole. How does someone cope with that? SportsDC talks to Koen about his life during the corona crisis in the podcast Verdiende Strepen (Earned Stripes).


Combine over one hundred years of history with a vibrant meeting space. That was the objective we got from Vooruit. Go crazy they said. Projects like this give us life. Under the name of ‘Discover Vooruit’ we present to you: Timewalker.


FEM5 is your new favourite podcast made by and for dragqueens and queers! Get to know drag artists from the UK and Europe, who talk about their style, persona and their views on drag as an artform.

Meerweten Bram

Curious about what we can achieve together? Get in touch with bram@dift.be en he’ll introduce you to the possibilities of DIFT Media.

Oh and we’re looking for collabs! Are you a freelancer or student in radio/journalism/audio/podcasting and looking for new projects? Hit us up.