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Let’s face it. Accent knows how to find the perfect candidate for a job. We’re happy to have worked on more than 5 projects, and counting. Two of these projects were video campaigns introducing the collaboration between Accent and Tomorrowland. We also made a commercial for the Swop app and collaborated on some internal campaigns behind the screens.

Creative idea

The story of the first Tomorrowland-spots was one of three enthusiastic applicants: the confetti-popper, driver and photographer. One year later, we created two look-back movies, in which we show two elderly people recounting their time at Tomorrowland. In the SWOP-spot, the karaoke-function of Accent’s app was the central theme. All of the movies work with exaggerations and cliches.

What have we done

  • Concept and production commercials
    Radio commercial for the Accent / Tomorrowland 2016 campaign

  • Social media strategy & management during the campaign


The Tomorrowland campaigns reached over a million views. More than 400 people applied during the first campaign.


  • Director Jochen Decostere
  • Camera Jens Vanysacker
  • Actor Bram Verrecas, Robrecht Vanden Thoren, Elise Verfaillie, Malou De Langhe, Lut Mortelmans, Emiel Ravijts, Theo Van Baarle, Gregory Piretti, Anne-Marie Vandewege
  • Sound (identity) Roundhouse
  • MUA Katrijn Verhoye
Dift Meerweten Thomas

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