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In 2016 C-mine took a deep dive in history. Thanks to VR visitors of The Expedition (De Expeditie) can step into the life a mine worker and discover all about the mines.

In 2017 they wanted to invite as many people as possible to celebrate summer at C-Mine. Next to that, we created an introduction video that is shown at the entrance of C-Mine.

C-mine expedition


Our first campaign image for C-mine Expedition (2016) focused on the VR reality, as you can see above. The picture was made together with photographer Kaat Pype in the shafts of C-mine.


The year after we had visitors flow through the mines, along with a canary (that used to accompany mine workers down the mines). In this image you can see one of them carrying some mini people through C-mine.

C-mine Summer

During the summer of 2017 we created a series of summer installation on the site, in which people could relax, sit or chill. Like a gigantic picnic quilt (200m2!) made from fabrics of old flags or a giant rocket lolly. The campaign image for this project was a true melting pot of summer colours and elements that referred to what could be discovered at C-mine.



What have we done?

  • campaign image for C-mine Expeditie in 2016 and 2017

  • campaign video for C-mine Expeditie
  • campaign image for C-mine Summer 2017
  • C-mine Zuid: a series of summer installatinos
  • merchandising for C-mine Summer


  • Photographyer Kaat Pype, Athos Burez, Maarten Thijs (Stad Genk)
  • Technical production Werkplaats Grof, Flagbag, Pieter Michiels
Dift Profielen Fien

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