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It’s time to come a little bit closer...

and discover all the fine art the Ghent museums and Historische Huizen have to offer! Because admit it: the spring of 2020 was a dry spell in terms of culture and relaxation. The corona virus put a stop to many exhibitions that the museums had planned: the Van Eyck year that had just started and the opening of the new Ghent University Museum (GUM) had to be postponed. 

But the obligatory recess also meant the perfect opportunity for the museums to put their heads together and think about a new and exceptional campaign, that should lead people to the museums in the summer. DIFT outlined the strategy and proudly created the campaign concept, which will color the streets of Ghent (and its surroundings) during the hot summer months.


With no fewer than 10 museums (if you do not count the Historische Huizen) Ghent is full of diversity. Each museum has its own identity, subjects and community, which made it a real challenge to find overarching USP’s that work for all parties. However, the ten museums do have important qualities in common: here, you will find a place of rest, liberation and wonder. You can completely shut yourself off from the corona crisis by stepping into another safe world that will teach you a few things while you are having fun.

Since the summer of 2020 is all about staycation, the campaign’s main target audience are the Flemish who always postpone going on a city trip in their own country. Now is the perfect time to go on an expedition or holiday in your own country. For these reasons, we chose to launch the campaign in Ghent and in the rest of Flanders, followed by Brussels and Wallonia in a second phase.



The campaign

For the campaign’s concept, we created the baseline "’t Is Tijd Om Dichterbij Te Komen” (It’s Time to Come Closer”). The slogan works on multiple levels. It means you can finally come out of your home again and tells you museums are a safe and appealing place to go to. Relax while you look at a piece of art, take your time and really absorb all of that beauty. On the other hand, the baseline is a quirky take on the social distancing rule that was - and still is - prevailing in every public space. So if you are not allowed to get close to one another, then just move closer to art. Here, it is allowed. 

For the visual aspect of the campaign, we wanted to include the diversity at which Ghent excels. Art is for everyone and it always elicits a different and unique emotion. It is precisely that emotion that we play out in the design. The campaign image is a diptych with on the right side a close-up portrait of a visitor who responds to a work that can be seen on the left panel; a literal and playful visualization of the baseline. 

In streets throughout the city, you will also come across back to back posters, with the piece of art on one side and the visitor’s reaction on the other. This gives an additional surprise effect to passers-by who discover there are two versions for each artwork.


DIFT also created a recognisable brand identity for the Ghent Museums, with a logo and a baseline. As you can see, the "M" in the logo serves as the frame for the images in the poster design. The design is at the same time a template that the museums can reuse for future campaigns. Now, the museums can claim their spot on the cultural map of Flanders.

The campaign is perfectly suitable for an online life as well, for example with a challenge. How do you respond to art yourself? People can actively look for their favorite artwork in Ghent, take a selfie of their reaction and share it online.

Supermachine, a creative agency based in Ghent, took care of the photography, video and distribution of the campaign. 

So immerse yourself in culture this summer, the moment is now. Explore 10 worlds full of beauty, emotions and stories.


  • Execution campaign Supermachine
  • Photography Supermachine
  • Motion design Supermachine
  • Website Glue
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