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Finding your way in De Krook? That’s now a thousand times easier thanks to the new wayfinding made by DIFT! Okay, this might sound like the script of an over-enthusiastic and somewhat cringy commercial, but behind our creation hides a tight plan.

Our goal was to create a pleasant customer journey. An open house like De Krook needs to give a warm welcome to every visitor. For these reasons, accessibility, positivity and a transparent structure were key in our design. 

In terms of shape, we were inspired by the characteristic and clean-cut architectural lines of the building. Taking its structure as our framework, we let our creativity run free on the signage, and this for both outside and inside. 


Read, work, meet and innovate

De Krook is the place to be for knowledge, culture and innovation. People come together in the building to read, borrow and return books, to work, to attend meetings, to meet up or to develop innovative technologies at iMec or Ghent University. The five destinations that revolve around reading, working, meeting and innovation form the basis of our wayfinding. This way, the signage does not only serve as an overview in the building itself, but also as a tool to clarify explicitly the functions of the building and to facilitate a visit to De Krook.

De Krook Bibliotheek Iconen Signalisatie Dift Eng

Working in levels

In order to create a functional overview, we took the floor levels as our most important point of orientation. Recurring large floor numbers immediately set the tone of voice of the signage: accessible, open and positive. 

The right type of destination served as our second point of orientation. To make it look pleasing to the eye, we worked on the basis of iconography. Five recognisable icons represent the five central functions of De Krook, making it easy to find you way to the library, the right room, services, partners or the Krookcafé. 



The fact that De Krook is a major player in the field of innovative media and technologies does not change the library's main activity: books. Visitors now find their way to the information desk effortlessly, lay hands on the right book in no time and know how to reach the lending service without any problems.

The rooms icon embodies the joint function between working and meeting, and is a symbol for all rooms and ‘De Trap van Steen en Wolken’ (which translates literally into 'The Staircase of Stone and Clouds').

De Krook houses multiple organisations, think tanks and other initiatives, such as Ghent University and iMec. These Krook residents all have their own space in the building and now carry their own graphic symbol as well.

Reading, meeting and working all come together in the Krookcafé, with a cup of coffee, slice of pie or lunch. 

Whether you’re here for the literature, for work or to meet up, it goes without saying that you need to be able to find the right room. Apart from the floor level and the type of destination, the level of detail leads you to the particular space you're looking for. To maintain transparency and accessibility, we added this level to the specific icon in a typographical manner. 

Our font is well-considered: the angular characters fit the architecture of De Krook and improve the readability. It’s a modern twist on classical wayfinding and is clear and legible to everyone. 

Finally, we designed tailor-made practical pictograms for all direction indicators and utilities. Displayed in a smaller size, they differ clearly from the icons picturing the destinations. 


By using this strategic structure, DIFT created a signage that is readable, clear, enjoyable and indicative. Losing your way has now become simply impossible!


  • Production and installation Replica4u
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