DIFT - De Nieuwe Dokken


How to map a new neighbourhood?

Schipperskaai Development (Vanhaerents Development and Van Roey), develops the upcoming years a new neighbourhood at the Handelsdok in Gent, called De Nieuwe Dokken (The New Docks).

How to map a neighbourhood (it’s not only 400 houses, but also offices and local shops)? That was the challenge we took on.

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This is how we do it

We started of with creating a strong branding story, a matching corporate identity and the matching communication. The logo of De Nieuwe Dokken reflects the waves of the water, one of the biggest assets of this development.

We launched the project with a promotional video in which Mirek Coutigny floats on a raft on the dock in front of the development. The film is an answer to a campaign video of Greenpeace,

in which Ludovico Einaudi plays a composition on the North Pole. In De Nieuwe Dokken, durability is a central element, so the link between both video’s is clear. 

De Nieuwe Dokken already is a lively neighbourhood, thanks to a thriving community of houseboat residents, and people passing by (on their way to work). The diversity of people has been mapped in a documentary style of portraits: every so often a photographer and journalist take their stand on the Bataviabrug (the bridge that links the development with the city centre) and interview and photograph everyone who’s passing by.


What have we done

  • Corporate identity

  • Launch at Kinepolis Gent

  • Video featuring composer and pianist Mirek Coutigny

  • Placemaking (caravan, a 200 meter long poem of Paul Van Ostaijen, series or portraits)

  • Social media management and strategy

Humans of the Bataviabrug

To show that the neighborhood is already very alive, we're teaming up with photographer Senne Van der Ven to shoot passengers on the Batavia bridge.


Over 75% of the houses in the first two phases were sold in the first two weeks.

A new step, an extra story

De Nieuwe Dokken enters a new stage: the second building area is about to get launched, and an edible garden will be a central area for its future inhabitants.

At first sight, that might not be the ultimate USP, but at the same time, it’s a storyline that lets people dream about a new way of living where a short-chain food in the city is becoming reality and we eat and live way more consciously.

For De Nieuwe Dokken we developed the storyline of the Edible Garden several ways: we inspire future inhabitants with tailormade illustrations of plants and fruits they’ll find in their garden, but also inspire them by letting vegetable chiefs talk about their love for what grows locally.

Do you feel like living on De Nieuwe Dokken? Check the website (and subscribe for the launch event)



  • Video director Jochen Decostere
  • Images Jens Vanysacker, Bert Degraeve, Bird and Frog
  • Illustrations Sarah Van Belle, Leen Verhulst
  • Piano Mirek Coutigny
  • Raft Friends & Fools
  • Photography Wouter Van Vaerenbergh, Senne Van der Ven, Wouter Maeckelberg
  • Sound Roundhouse
  • Event Clouds
  • Site Glue
Dift Profielen Bert

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