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A beer brand. That was kind of new for us. Like Brabance, who’s the new kid around the Belgian Beer block. Sebastien’s ambitious and outspoken brand has only just been bottled, but we’re ready to cheer to it!

Belgian, iconic architectural, vintage and out there.

It was a rather complex briefing. Vintage is such a broad concept, and as Belgians we’re not exactly known for our history of architecture (let’s agree to disagree, if we must). And yet, it all came together pretty fast. With a subtle referral to Lichtenstein and an ever changing label with Belgian architecture, we’ve created a bottle that will be noticed on the shelves and makes a perfect tourist gift.

Beer is alive. We’ve known that for a long time. That’s why we made a little animation of this brand too. Because we all get thirsty by looking at a good beer.

Video by Christophe Guyot

Brabance Dift Multi

Brabance wins at the World Beer Awards

Great news. Brabance wins as a Gold Winner at the World Beer Awards with our label design for its first bottle. 

Dift Meerweten Broos

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