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The branding

familiebedrijf.be, previously known as ‘Het Instituut voor het Familiebedrijf’, is the advice and knowledge center for all Flemish family businesses and is committed on further establishing and developing its brand. With a new name there came the need for a new look, an opportunity for us at DIFT to show what we have in store as a creative design agency. Starting with the new URL ‘familiebedrijf.be’, we developed a strategic rebranding with a logo design that represents experience and, above all, professionalism.


The brand

Creating a familiar and strong logo that embodies trust and expertise, that was our goal. Next to the baseline ‘Kennis, advies en netwerk voor alle familiebedrijven’, we took the iconic letter ‘f’ which opens and closes the word ‘familiebedrijf’ as our starting point. Thanks to its clear blue and elegant serif font, the tone of the organization is immediately set: here you are at the right address to have all your questions concerning family businesses answered by a motivated professional team. 

We then took our creativity a step further with the logo animation. Just like an unfolded set of cards, the appearing characteristic ‘f’ slides open into the full name of the organization. 


familiebedrijf.be also organizes various events to share their knowledge with its network and to broaden its community. We took a closer look at all those events and gave each one of them a distinct identity, making sure its relationship with the main brand is still assured. 

The invitation of their annual Dag van het familiebedrijf, for example, shows radiant ornaments in all of its corners. Follow Up, on the other hand, which focuses specifically on the transfer of family businesses across generations, is depicted with clean, dynamic lines that symbolize the succession within one family. 

Thanks to a strong design and a clear communication, the familiebedrijf.be network now grows every day and its brand is more distinctive and unique than ever. 

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The website

Apart from the rebranding, we also went ahead with the website. familiebedrijf.be possesses a large archive of articles and blog posts, but did not succeed in attracting many readers to them. 

We put the texts prominently on the webpage again and in order to make the longreads attractive and accessible to the reader, we poured them into a clear design with striking images.


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