DIFT goes international with… FEM!

It seems that drag queens are rapidly taking over the world. With the ultra-popular reality TV-series Rupaul’s Drag Race in the US, new drag houses and events are emerging at a fast rate. But it doesn’t stop there: the drag scene in Belgium and the UK is at a turning point as well. Take Cabaret Mademoiselle in Brussels and House of Lux in Ghent, for example, or Sink the Pink and Haus of Kendoll in the UK. To quote The New York Times: We’re entering the Golden Age of Drag. 

Of course, this hasn’t escaped DIFT either, and because queens often pay way too much for a product or spend too much time looking for it, we thought it was about time for a whole new proper concept:FEM.

A webshop for all dragqueens and for all genders. In fact, for everyone who’s willing to take a step into the incredibly freeing world of drag. We are filling the void in online shopping for queens by offering drag products from A to Z under one single roof.

 And we’ve got big plans: together with founder Gauthier Van Malderen, who achieved an enormous success in the UK with his online book platform Perlego, we want to become the number 1 drag webshop in all of Europe. 

FEM is fun, FEM is honest.


Our website is colourful, easy to use and above all cheerful. The beauty standard of tiny models with unrealistic sizes is something that should be rejected as well. We want to show the bigger (male) sizes, because believe it or not, some of the most beautiful queens have the largest feet. We also see the importance of a strong social media presence. With our popular instagram page @getyourfem, we generated more than 1400 followers in four weeks, and we think that deserves a *tongue pop* (for those of you who don’t know what that means: educate yourselves!)

A webshop by dragqueens and for dragqueens

We know what we’re doing, since we too are no strangers in the local drag scene. The fact that a closely tied queer community needs to be protected at all costs, is something we’re fully aware of as well. Minorities need to support minorities. That’s why FEM strives to offer a platform and a voice to our Femily. But most of all, we want to enhance our queens’ and queers’ self-esteem, by embracing them with warmth and love (and occasionally some sass of course). Cause if you can’t love yourself… we’re here to change that.


  • Photography Wouter Van Vaerenbergh, Jennifer Kesteleyn
  • Models House of Lux, Joppe DC
  • Fashion design Bart Hoste
Dift Profielen Fien

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