DIFT - Frituur Conny & Franky

The best Frietkot in Flanders



Whether we felt like doing a project for a Frietkot (for all you non Belgians out there, that's like the best fast food in the world, focused on french fries, which actually should be called Belgian fries). That was the question our friends of Man Architects asked. You might have seen them, but there are pictures of DIFT team members in hamburger sweaters. That's a yes. 

Conny & Franky (the owners and the brand name) our famous in Sint-Niklaas, their hometown. Next to making the best Belgian Fries (we're stubborn), their Frietkot is also a meeting spot. That social character had to be embedded in the branding, according to us. You might have aspected the burger joint look, but we choose a playful, out there look, where Belgian fries are multifunctional: they even make the mouth of the smileys. 


But we did way more than just the brand design: you have to feel Conny & Franky in every single little thing. That means: a full packaging concept for the best Frietkot in the region! 



And as if that wasn't enough, we got to work on the clever customer flow Man Architects designed for the joint. Our signage is playful an full of color, an excellent advantage of the branding we've created. 




When a popular place like Conny & Franky is closed for some time, the city mourns. That's why we were ready to inform the citizens of Sint-Niklaas when the best Belgian Fries were ready to eat again. 

We created an ad shell campaign on key points in town, focusing on the simple message of getting from that place to Conny & Franky. Just watched a movie and feel like Belgian Fries? Take bus 2 from here to Conny & Franky. 

We'll see you there! 

Dift Profielen Fien

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