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20-21 is IKEA’s Leap Year Of Sustainability. CEO Jesper Brodin - the big boss of IKEA worldwide - gave every country the assignment to present to him what exactly they will do to make this world a better place. IKEA Belgium wanted to be top of the class so they came knocking on our door.

DIFT Media created an audio first story. We made a minipodcast with a voice-over, interviews with high level executives and quotes of IKEA co-workers. To make the presentation easy on the eyes we added slowmotion images. Not a classical video, but audio with a visual aid. And Sweden loved it. 

This was their feedback: “It all went very smoothly and everyone was so enthusiastic! The difference between Belgium and the other countries was huge, and I’m talking about the originality of the format. I mean this in the most positive way. Congratulations guys and thank you for your hard work.”

It’s not easy to make us blush, but they did it. Listen to the international presentation below.

IKEA also wanted a Flemish and French version to play in their stores across Belgium. 


  • Creative concept DIFT
  • Production & project management DIFT
  • Copywriting ENG/NED/FR DIFT & Jill Vennekens
  • Script DIFT & Jill Vennekens
  • Assistent audio Jill Vennekens
  • Audio Jimi Dewulf
  • Casting voice-over Mediamixer
  • Sound recording Mediamixer
  • Sound editing Mediamixer
  • Direction Jochen Decostere
  • Camera and editing Bram Luyten
  • Art direction DIFT
Profielen Dift Tim P

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