We worked with and for IKEA on several occassions. In 2014 we made an internal campaign on durability, and in 2016 a campaign about refugees.

IKEA has a huge heart for the world, which is reflected in the many campaigns they yearly undertake, like the iWitness-program in a refugee camp in Jordan. Six Belgian IKEA co-workers visited a couple of these camps. But what to do with the pictures and stories they brought home?

Ikea Iwitness 03

We've built an expo for IKEA

We displayed them in an installation that was shown in all the IKEA stores in Belgium. It took the form of shelters like the ones in which the refugees are housed. The texts were only legible by means of a lamp behind the prints - this was a reference to the IKEA Foundation that provides energy and light at the refugee camps.

We devised a space to do justice to the photos and stories. Inside, we created the sense that the visitors themselves were part of the story as they looked at the photos. But a clear contrast was made between life here and life in Jordan.


What have we done

  • Concept and production of the exhibition in all Belgian IKEA stores
  • Print design
  • Internal campaign on durability

Internal campaign on durability

For People & Planet, the sustainability strategy of IKEA, we've created an internal campaign which was based on funny copywriting.

Ikea Duurzaamheid Dift


  • Technical production Atelier Belge, Pieter Michiels, Publistyleman
Dift Profielen Bert

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