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Life is beautiful. La Vie Est Belle is one of the brands that contributes to the latter. In a fun way, they try to teach people how to eat healthier. They achieve this on the basis of a wide and varied range of domestic products. In other words, every taste is catered for!

La Vie Est Belle is the healthy choice. The nutritious products from fresh, locally grown vegetables make your healthy dreams come true. They aim for a smaller foodprint and thus contribute to a cleaner world.

LVEB © Stefanie Baert

​Let's get quirky

Everything starts with a workshop. That is how we were able to fine-tune the strategy and branding with them. We went deeper into how consumers can immediately recognise the products. With a 'values marketing' exercise, we delved into the most important values of La Vie Est Belle.

But what makes this brand so special? We discovered this using the 'golden circle' exercise. This led us to distil the unique selling points that ensure the company's strong market position. The USPs at a glance: healthy, quirky, Belgian, reliable and inspiring.

Since La Vie Est Belle is very down to earth, it was important to us that the tone of voice reflected this. So it had to be playful and quirky. In addition, we determined a number of key words and assets that fit the company perfectly, and incorporated all these ingredients into a brand rationale.


Branding brought to taste

DIFT designed a brand guide for La Vie Est Belle. We determined the quality mark, the logo, the packaging, the typography, etc. All of which were covered in the same tasty, vegetable-based branding sauce.

For the logo, our team chose to give the existing word mark a fresh makeover. Bright colours and a handwritten typeface highlight their bold character. In line with the typography, we developed some textures based on the products in their range. 

We added a quality mark to clearly present the deeply rooted values of La Vie Est Belle. An excellent added value for the brand that emphasises its expertise and quality.

Thanks to DIFT, La Vie Est Belle was given a lively, mouth-watering packaging. The use of different colours stands out on shop shelves and gives the products an exciting touch. The colourful packaging provides the ideal foreplay to your culinary orgasm.

Dift Profielen Roza

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