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Let's play! For the new cultural centre Leietheater, DIFT was asked to create the branding. Our concept brought together several layers, starting with the idea that a new centre is a blank page. That’s why we choose to start of with a grid on which everyone could make his own branding of Leietheater. 


On this grid, you create your own look. The season’s brochure had a blank cover and a sticker sheet that one could use to create his or her own cover. The stickers have shapes that refer to the architecture and surroundings of the building. These shapes are also reflected in a bespoke icon set.

But we took it one step further: we asked Deinze’s citizens to play with these shapes - be it on a human scale. That gave them the opportunity to experience the brand even before the centre opened. 



Behind the scenes, we also prepared the organisation for a successful launch: our template for the season’s brochure was a winner, we styled and took the pictures of the team and coached them on their road to a great launch and season. 

Dift Leietheater Totebags


Dift Leietheater Signalisatie


Browser Mockup Leietheater 4


Dift Leietheater Bouwblokken 02


The branding of Leietheater got a nice review on the renowned branding website Brand New.


  • Website LCP
  • Production Pieter Michiels
Dift Profielen Fien

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