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Louise Carton is one of the greatest talents in Belgian athletics. A three-time Belgian champion cross country running, a one-time European champion, the Olympics in Rio and in 2016 she won Most Promising Athlete Of The Year. For the outside world Louise is a success story, but behind the scenes she has been losing control for years. She suffers from an eating disorder. And she’s definitely not the only athlete.

In May 2019 Louise wrote a blog post that turned the sports world upside down. She shared her story in an uncensored and deeply heartfelt way. She came knocking on the door of our friends at sportsDC and they in turn came to DIFT Media.

For months on end we sat down with Louise to create a plan for a podcast. Sometimes she withdrew because it was all a bit too much, which only shows how delicate this matter is. And how personal. In doing this she becomes the face of eating disorders in sports. The symbolism is strong, but this is mainly about her life, her emotions, her vulnerability and her scars.

Louise has a clear goal in mind: let’s break the taboo of eating disorders in sports. No one should even have to hide out of fear of being rejected or losing a contract. Mental health is an undervalued aspect of performance and we need to stop bullshitting about how crucial it is.


We made four episodes. Each one gives you more perspective on the matter.

The recordings were intense. Our podcast makers Bram and Thaïs often came home drained and exhausted. It’s almost unreal to hear how high the pressure in sports is and to what extreme lengths athletes go to prove themselves.

Story after story, we hear young people full of passion and talent who destroy themselves. Our challenge was to share these stories while creating a podcast that’s easy to listen to. We wanted to counter all the trauma with resilience and courage, and even some humour. Two emotions are at the center of it all: amazement and hope. We show you everything that went wrong over the past years, but we always put the focus on what can we do better? It’s easy to point a finger at someone, so instead we want this podcast to inspire and challenge people.

It was also very important to reach a lot of people. We pitched this project with several media partners and eventually national newspaper De Morgen came out on top. They created a media plan with ads in De Morgen, HUMO and Knack. Besides that they also made an online campaign on Facebook, Instagram and their app. We provided them with visuals and copy, they turned them into artwork. 

From the 24th of November, a new episode every Tuesday. You can listen to Gérard & ik exclusively via www.demorgen.be or via their app.

Have you got any questions about eating disorders? Then you can anonymously contact Eetexpert, the resource centre for eat and weight problems.

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  • Creative Concept DIFT
  • Production & Project Management, Copywriting DIFT
  • Script, Post-production DIFT en Thaïs Van Burm
  • Audio Assistant Thaïs Van Burm
  • Voice Over Bram Vuylsteker
  • Voice Over Recording DPG Media (Q Music)
  • Audio Mastering Jesse Maes
  • Photography DIFT
  • Artwork, Communication DPG Media (De Morgen)
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