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The shopping centre in the centre of Ghent was in need of renewal, both the building and the branding. DIFT gave Shopping Gent Zuid a new, fresh look with a playful twist. With the target group of the shopping centre in mind, we came up with a remarkable branding that features emojis.


We opted for a modern and recognisable logo that is appealing and reflects the openness of the shopping centre. We turned the letter 'u' into a bracket that lends itself perfectly to playful communication with emojis. The choice for emojis stems from the values of Shopping Gent Zuid: clarity and experience. Everyone knows what the "Pile of Poo" or the "face palm" mean. By using emoji's we create more experience in a funny and recognizable way.


Besides the logo, we also designed a campaign website with a timeline on the history of the neighbourhood and the shopping centre. The website became a platform with updates on the planned renovations. Here too, we extended the branding with emojis.



To highlight the new identity of Shopping Gent Zuid, we came up with a plan of strategic actions and campaigns. The action plan would run from the period before the renovations until well after them. Miss Corona, however, put a stop to the renovations, so we had to approach the start of the campaign differently. At DIFT, we saw an opportunity to strengthen the shopping centre's online position. We focused strongly on social media, which also lend themselves perfectly to emoji language.

With the portrait series 'I buy/work in Gent Zuid', we show the diversity of the shopping mall. Real people with real stories. Everyone is welcome and finds their way to the shopping centre. There is only one rule: Together out, together south.

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In order to attract people from Ghent to Shopping Gent Zuid, we created two campaigns that capitalise on the central location of the shopping centre. In the neighbourhood of Gent Zuid, we distributed posters emphasising that the shopping centre is only a few minutes away by foot or bicycle. This way, you can quickly do some shopping or go on an extensive shopping spree.

In addition, for Gent Zuid we also respond to traditional and playful holidays. A Mother's Day or Christmas campaign cannot be left out, but we also don't let care day or poetry day go by unnoticed on the social media channels. The spring actions also turned out to be a hit, with nice prizes being raffled off with the help of scratch cards. 

To let the inhabitants of Ghent be part of the mall, a competition was organised, 'Gentse Prente'. Twenty photos by Ghent's creators of the landscape or life in the city were selected and exhibited in the shopping centre. All the photos were later auctioned off and the proceeds donated to charity.


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  • Photography Wouter Van Vaerenbergh, Yves Drieghe
  • Web development Breadcrumbs - Fred Lagast
  • Production Replica4u
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