DIFT - The New Masters

The New Masters gathers 20 talented designers from different fields to play around with graphic design. In their own unique way, the participating designers will reinterpret graphic design from the past 50 years in design and interiors.

Design Museum Ghent and Biennale Interieur provided a vast archive of magazines, books and catalogues in which the artists could come and browse, looking for inspiration and creativity. Although they all took off from the same starting point, the resulting works will be very different. Some artists will focus on a colour, others on shapes and others on a particular trend or brand


20 Designers, 20 projects

The historical approach of Specht Studio and Levi Lanser will lead to a poster and publication. Adriaan Tas and Luca Beel are working on a room divider based on the original INTERIEUR logo by Boudewijn Delaere. Wonderwalls will create a splendid mural based on the archive. Fien Meelberghs and glass artist Veerle Verschooren collaborate on a glass window for the chapel of the former hospital. Inge Rylant will join forces with Kewlox, developing prints for the iconic Belgian cupboards. 

Sint Maartenziekenhuis Tnm Dift

Sint-Maarten hospital © Dennis De Smet

There will be something for everyone, and for all ages: Bureau Grusenmeyer is working on a children's book while DIFT is creating a puzzle that allows you to develop a new shape with each combination.

The archive itself will also make the move to Kortrijk. Visitors will be able to consult and browse through hundreds of magazines and catalogues from the past 50 years. You'll also print a number of the designs in a limited edition, taking the expo home with you. In the same way as the artists, the archive will inspire and trigger the audience, turning it into an atelier as well.

Special thanks to FUJIFILM Belgium, Stockmans Kalenders & Art Books, Antalis & Arctic Paper Benelux

and our New Masters
Adriaan Tas & Luca Beel, Nathalie Van der Massen, Inge Rylant, Specht Studio ism Levi Lanser, Toykyo, Studio Mattan, Now Is The New Later, Annelies Vanoost, Redopapers, Bureau Grusenmeyer, Corbin Mahieu, Kymo one, Kritis & Kritis, Wonderwalls, Ship of Fools, Studio Studio, Fien Meelberghs i.s.m. Veerle Verschooren and Broos Stoffels.


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Thursday 18th - Monday 22nd October 2018
12.00 - 20.00

Friday 26th - Sunday 28th October 2018
12.00 - 18.00

Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th November 2018
12.00 - 18.00


St Maarten Hospital 

Burgemeester Vercruysselaan 

8500 Kortrijk 


Dift Profielen Yves

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