What we do

We’ll do anything we have and should do to make your campaign or brand successful.



Looking for an identity? With brands like Moor&Moor, Innerme, De Nieuwe Dokken, AntwerpPhoto and WILL on our servers, we know how to develop both commercial and corporate brands and are capable of putting your brand on the map both in print & packaging and digitally.

Our strategies, focusing on your brand, it’s brand architectures, vision, USP’s and values help you develop your brand.

Brand activation

Looking to activate your brand? We’re happy to give all it takes to come up with the right plan that does exactly what you are looking for. Whether it’s a campaign based on a marketing & communication plan, or a lead generation trajectory based on a good story, content plan and advertising:  we’ve been there and are happy to go there with you.

To top it off: we’re comfortable with scenography and exhibition booths too.



Employer Branding

A brand for your coworkers? It’s one of DIFT’s basic ideas, a good brand takes care of it’s team and is capable of showing that. We’re happy to be on your team to make this happen.


Found a market opportunity but haven’t found the exact concept or idea that solves the issue? De Invasie, WILL, P.A.I.N.T., The Vegan Network: these are just a few of the examples of how we translated trends and opportunities into a new concept.



Archie Goegebuur

Five years ago, a couple of project developers found the time was right to change the real estate communication and they were able to convince us about this. In 2018 DIFT launched Archie Goegebuur: the onestop agency for real estate communication.

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