About DIFT

How we do it

We are creative activists.

From the very start of DIFT we chose to make a difference: both in the commissions we took on as in the projects we developed our self. 

The opposite of play isn't work. It's depression.  

We do like the play: in how we work together, but also in what we roll out. 

We share.

No backdoors and subcontractors of subcontractors. If we don’t do it ourselves, you’ll know who is doing it. And we’re happy to share where our ideas come from too!

We learn from the powers that be.

Yes, we’re happy to learn. From you, from trying new challenges and from collaborating within a broad network.


  • Linda

    Linda Sonck

    Lead strategist & chief

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, this lady is an unstoppable high-speed rail. At lightning pace, she builds groundbreaking, robust marketing strategies and in the meantime adds a few fundraising or awareness-raising campaigns. This captain slows down when she trades in her jar of nail polish at home for a new DIY project. In short: she can take on any challenge.

  • Soumaya

    Soumaya Zaougui

    Lead strategist & chief

    Nudging, communication strategy and her shoe collection. Three areas of expertise with which this boss lady can make you hang on her every word for hours. With perseverance as voluminous as her curls, she knows how to turn complex dossiers into well thought-out, first-class campaigns in the blink of an eye. Soumaya, that's pure fire.

  • Marleen

    Marleen Van Der Plas

    Creative director

    Marleen has 20 years of experience in marketing, communication and advertising. She spent many of those years in Colruyt Group's internal communications office. There she led a creative team and created creative campaigns for the group's various brands. For all her assignments, Marleen pays extra attention to language. She has extensive experience as a copywriter and knows what impact words have. That's why we like to let her skilled pen loose on all kinds of texts, both offline and online.

  • Layer 0

    Roza Lambrechts

    Project manager & digital strategist

    With Teamleader and Websauce under your belt, you are undoubtedly well versed in online marketing. On top of that, this humorous Google Analytics writes brilliant copy and has a taste for project management. But what Roza excels in, she compensates with her lousy attempts at zumba and aerobics. This sweetheart (almost) has it all.

  • Tim Paternoster

    Tim Paternoster

    New media producer

    Tim is a storyteller, both at the coffee machine and alongside it. Through his lens and microphone, he drags creations that have only two goals: to surprise and to move. Tim is always looking for the perfect harmony between form and content. A digital native whose artistic vision makes your mouth water for more juicy content.

  • Rosa

    Rosa Roubal

    Account manager

    People whisper in the hallways that Rosa has six hands. This perfectionist is our organisational mastermind: she arranges her bookshelves by colour and bites into projects as if her stomach hasn't seen food for days. When she does, it is always a spicy, Italian pasta with a Dutch accent, the perfect Rosa metaphor. With a past in the fashion industry, she chose a new home: the world of real estate, and she is shaking it to its foundations.

  • Team2019 Dift Fien

    Fien Meelberghs

    Art director

    When we asked Fien what her profile text should be about, she grumbled. A moment of freedom for us to focus on her joyful character (as can be seen in the picture). Despite that typically Antwerp temper, she's been around for over eight years, designing some of the most ingenious brandings DIFT has made. 

  • Team2019 Dift Ruben

    Ruben Vandennieuwenborg

    Creative designer

    There was no way to get rid of Ruben. After doing a great internship he’s been around to help us every now and then, and was so stubborn to demand the chair we had for another great guy at our design team. We think he’s about the same at the pub on Friday evening too.

  • Alexander

    Alexander Deforce

    Creative designer

    Alexander combines 3 qualities that we believe are essential to make it as a designer: a highly creative mind, a critical view of the assignment and a very sharp eye for detail. Add to that the fact that he knows a Korean schlager song by heart, and you know this guy will make it. Alexander is our driving force when it comes to his two favourite abbreviations: UX and UI. A designer who lives virtually and thinks only in breadcrumbs and clickstreams.

  • Domien

    Domien De Beul

    Digital marketing

    An analytical strategist who always takes the reins - and that's only natural ... as European champion rope skipper 2018. Domien is an avid surfer - on the web - who unleashes his engineers brain on everything digital. He is our go-to expert on inbound marketing and the creation, management and execution of digital campaigns. A creative marketer in heart and soul you can always count on.

  • Lieven 1 B

    Lieven Borghys

    Copywriter & strategist

    The youngest - but not necessarily the sweetest - cub in our flock. Lieven was born with a pen in his hand and a back pocket full of creative ideas. You read his texts because you want to. If you come across this man-of-all on the street, don't ask him what the weather is like up there. And no, he doesn't play basketball either.

  • Julie

    Julie Francq

    Office Manager

    What exactly she is doing all day, we really don't know. Something magical with numbers. What we do know is that without her we would be bankrupt. Julie is the engine that keeps the company up and running. She is a walking calculator and the one who raps our knuckles when we again spent too much money on a Beyoncé concert. 

  • Team2019 Dift Bert

    Bert Pieters


    He'll never grow up and never grow old. This coastal bigmouthed shorty (exceptional the only one in a Ghent-based company) is eager to get a little attention from higher up. Thank god he makes up to his verbal aggression with a bit of decent writing or a strong strategy from time to time. 

  • Yves 2

    Yves Drieghe


    There's a couple of things you need to know about Yves. One: don't let him decide about what you're listening to in the car. Beyond any doubt it'll be Beyoncé. Two: don't take him out for dinner. He'll order two main and five side dishes. Three: he's a damn good art director. 

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