About DIFT

How we do it

We are creative activists.

From the very start of DIFT we chose to make a difference: both in the commissions we took on as in the projects we developed our self. 

The opposite of play isn't work. It's depression.  

We do like the play: in how we work together, but also in what we roll out. 

We share.

No backdoors and subcontractors of subcontractors. If we don’t do it ourselves, you’ll know who is doing it. And we’re happy to share where our ideas come from too!

We learn from the powers that be.

Yes, we’re happy to learn. From you, from trying new challenges and from collaborating within a broad network.


  • Bert


    He'll never grow up and never grow old. This coastal bigmouthed shorty (exceptional the only one in a Ghent-based company) is eager to get a little attention from higher up. Thank god he makes up to his verbal aggression with a bit of decent writing or a strong strategy from time to time. 

  • Fien


    When we asked Fien what her profile text should be about, she grumbled. A moment of freedom for us to focus on her joyful character (as can be seen in the picture). Despite that typically Antwerp temper, she's been around for over five years, designing some of the most ingenious brandings DIFT has made. 

  • Yves 2


    There's a couple of things you need to know about Yves. One: don't let him decide about what you're listening to in the car. Beyond any doubt it'll be Beyoncé. Two: don't take him out for dinner. He'll order two main and five side dishes. Three: he's a damn good art director. 

  • Thomas


    This would be an ideal moment to refer to the vanity of the digital native. But since he's new, we've decided to take it slow with badgering him. The fact he's flabbergasted us with his digital and video skills may be part of the reason too. 

  • Mieke


    "Tell them I also create the podcasts" Uhu, there's no way you'll say Mieke is a stereotypical office manager. Because this girl with the pretty voice made about ten episodes of our podcasts and even more invoices over the last months. 

  • Fien 3


    "I insist on being referred to as the winner of the midget golf tournament." This design hero obviously is as competitive as Romelu Lukaku or Tiger Woods. No wonder his designs are winners too. 

  • Roza 2


    Roza types as fast as she talks. That might not say that much, but believe us: the speed she reaches would even make a seasoned typist panic. And even the internet is slightly worried: this online marketeer really is everywhere.

  • Ruben


    There was no way to get rid of Ruben. After doing a great internship he’s been around to help us every now and then, and was so stubborn to demand the chair we had for another great guy at our design team. We think he’s about the same at the pub on Friday evening too.

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